t14 Consulting, Inc.


t14 Consulting was founded in 2011 in recognition of the challenges faced by customers of advanced analytic solutions. These challenges include optimizing the business process and seamlessly integrating enterprise applications. 

t14 is a long standing SAS Alliance Partner.

t14 implements scalable business processes to extract maximum value while minimizing implementation and integration cost.

Our implementations are minimally invasive to IT operations, while drawing from the rich experience from previous customers.





As a long standing SAS Alliance Partner t14 has the proven record to lead and support SAS implementations.

We have the full capabilities on staff required to make an implementation successful: business requirements analysis, solution design & architecture, analytics & modeling, deployment and customization.

t14 has a wide range of expertise with SAS products across industries: 

  • General:  SAS Forecast Server, SAS OR,  SAS Grid Manager, SAS Sentiment Analysis, SAS Visual Analytics
  • Retail: SAS Size Optimization, SAS Revenue Optimization
  • Financial Services: SAS Anti Money Laundering, SAS Fraud Management, SAS Enterprise Case Management
  • CPG/Manufacturing: SAS for Demand-Driven Planning and Optimization


All principals at t14 have a long lasting SAS R&D analytic solution development and Computer Science background. Understanding and solving business problems is in our engineering DNA. 

We have a proven record of delivering successful custom analytic solutions. We offer a range of services from developing customizations for existing implementations to developing full stack custom solutions with tight integration into the existing system landscape.

t14 works with a wide variety of technology stacks and tools. We work with our customers to select the right technology and design a solution that is  minimally invasive to IT operations, minimizes cost and maximizes the value.




t14 has an unbroken record of successful engagements across a wide range of industries in the Analytics space. References are available upon request.




  • Custom allocation, ordering and planning solution leveraging SAS Size Optimization for a $2 billion fashion retailer. 

  • Custom VMI solution leveraging SAS Retail Forecasting and SAS Size Optimization for a $4 billion retailer/wholesaler.

  • Implementation of SAS Size Optimization for a $1 billion fashion retailer.

  • Implementation of SAS Markdown Optimization for a $5 billion retailer / department store.

  • Technical lead and product expert for SAS Size Optimization for a $17 billion retailer / department store.

  • Architect for SAS Visual Analytics and for SAS Forecasting Server integration with E3 replenishment for $6 billion retailer.

  • Implementation of SAS Anti-money laundering and SAS Enterprise Case Management for a leading global retailer.


Financial Services

  • Implementation of SAS Fraud, SAS Anti-Money Laundering and SAS Enterprise Case Management for a $5 billion financial institution.
  • Implementation of SAS Anti-Money Laundering for a $1.3 billion financial institution.
  • Implementation of SAS Anti-Money Laundering for a leading financial institution.


  • Custom Voice of the Customer solution using SAS Sentiment Analysis, SAS Text Miner and SAS Visual Analytics for a $44 billion consumer electronics manufacturer.



The Principals in t14 are all former SAS Research & Development leads, with 15+ years experience in developing and implementing SAS solutions and analytic enterprise solutions. The team shares the passion for understanding business problems and using an agile, multi-disciplinary approach of analytics and computer science to deliver successful solutions.



Thomas Burkhardt - Principal & President

  • 18 years of experience developing analytic solutions

  • Specialized in SAS, Retail Analytics, CPG/Manufacturing Analytics, Optimization, Gird/High-Performance Architecture

  • Former employee of SAP, i2 Technologies (now JDA) and SAS

  • Holds multiple patents in the areas of large-scale distributed planning and optimization architecture and optimization techniques in the area of replenishment and fulfillment
  • M.S. degree in Computer Science and minor in Operations Research from University of Karlsruhe, Germany - 1998



Burak Meric - PRINCIPAL Financial Services

  • 18 years of software development experience
  • Specialized in  SAS, Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud solutions, Customer Segmentation, and Anomaly Detection
  • Also experienced in  High Performance Analytics, Grid Computing, Performance Tuning, Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Customer Intelligence, Retail Analytics, Revenue Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Enterprise Case Management, and Social Network Analysis
  • Former R&D development manager at SAS Institute, Inc.
  • M.S. degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX  - 1998

Teresa McMains - Principal Retail

  • 16 years of software development and consulting experience
  • Specialized in SAS, Customer Intelligence, Retail Analytics, Optimization
  • Holds multiple patents in the area of optimization techniques in retail fulfilment
  • M.A. degree in Economics from Boston University, Boston, MA  - 2000